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People in the far future: Wait, why does this hedge have eyes and shoes?

I honestly can see that this is a good representation of how many people, including myself, think about Sally Acorn as a character in general. Yeah, Sally is still considered part of SEGA as licensing goes, but besides her acrobatic skills and her handheld computer (the latter of which Tails now has in recent Sonic games, like it or not), what DOES she contribute to be part of the series again? As far as we can push it, her smarts would clash with how Tails works in general if they were to up-play that. Another problem about her 'smarts' is IF they DO figure out where to place Sally's intelligence at, would people like that?

Sally was also created for the express purpose of being 'Sonic's girlfriend', something that Amy already fills as a character. Whether you like it or not, her character was written into SEGA!Sonic first between Naoto Oshima and Kazuyuki Hoshino, where they discussed how to develop and make Amy WORK in the franchise. Sally was made behind the backs of Sonic Team, which doesn't help Sally's case in the long run. Her leadership skills are also a huge no-no, as Sonic does NOT follow orders, nor DOES he need someone breathing down his neck to do the right thing -- Sonic knows right and wrong without Sally already. There's a reason why Eggman hasn't REALLY managed a full win, even in Sonic Forces where he was nearly there.

I think a load of people tend to ignore that as a Japanese company, Sonic Team is ALWAYS going to favour the stuff in the Japanese side of the fandom -- and the comment TherealRNO made about SEGA/Sonic Team 'always ignoring the West' doesn't take into factor things like Charmy the Bee (who also came from the same manga as Amy Rose, and was redesigned for Knuckles Chaotix), Espio, Vector, and Tails -- the Latter of whom was made in the West during Sonic 2's development when Yuji Naka took half of Sonic Team to America, Vector being remade from the concept art of the band for the music, and Espio was made specifically for Knuckles Chaotix, before being redesigned for Sonic Heroes an reintroducing them to the current generation.

Also, I don't get what TherealRNO's argument is about Serena and Misty -- unlike the Pokemon Anime, Sally was never added into the games beyond cameos, while Amy's been around since Sonic CD, so there's no reason for anyone to feel like it's a Misty versus Serena situation at all. There's also a LOAD of problems with how Sally and Sonic essentially FORCED people to only see them as the 'official couple' because...? There was literally no reason for the two to get together -- Sally is too restrictive, Sonic is too childish, their personalities would clash if both characters weren't stripped of everything that made them -- well, THEM.

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